The Bavarian Forest is a paradise for hikers.

NaturThe Bavarian Forest is a paradise for hikers.

Discover the unlimited wilderness in the National and Nature Park. You will enjoy nature and fresh air during a romantic walk alongside the river Regen or even an expert trail. You will also very easily figure out your starting point with the free busses and trains available.
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If you want to take part in a guided hiking adventure, you can also consult the Tourist Office in Zwiesel, where they are regularly organised.
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The National Park of the Bavarian Forest also provides guided excursions, which have to be organised with one of the rangers of the National Park through the deep forest of the Park.
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Following, you will find a selection of nice hiking trails that we are recommending. Of course, it is only a small selection.

We can provide you with precise information and tips on request.

The drinking water reservoir von Frauenau


We advise you to start from Buchenau. You go through a wonderful avenue direction Stausee where you can enjoy a nice outlook on the mounts of the Bavarian Forest.

After about half an hour, you will find the big water reservoir, which is 640 m large and 85m deep. The biggest in Germany.

After that, you can have a walk around it and appreciate the view on the Big Rachel.

Premium hiking trail of Schachtenbach (Hennenkobel)


This wonderful trail follows the steps of the historical glassmakers. You go through Schlachtenbach, where was from 1822 to 1865 a worldwide glass factory, where the “beinglas” of Schachtenbach (a type of glass) has been invented.

Enjoy the panorama view from the “Hennenkobel”.

This trail is of intermediary difficulty and is about 15k long.

Riverside trail from Bayerisch Eisenstein to Ludwigshal or Zwiesel

Flusswanderweg Foto Marita Haller

You can go by train (Waldbahn) to Bayerisch Eisenstein. A romantic adventure alongside the “Big Regen” and its mixed forest is awaiting you.

You will come through historical glass factories.

Riverside trail from Zwiesel to Regen

Wandern durch herrliche WälderYou can start this nice trail directly in front of our house. You go to Zwieselberg and then reach the river “Schwarzer Regen”. From here just follow the signage. Most of the time you follow the river in the direction of Regen.

By following this way, you can even admire impressive beaver constructions on the water.

Enjoy the calm and the beauty of the landscapes! Then have some rest while eating a tasty ice cream in one of the cafés of Regen or in an ice cream parlour in Kurpark.

You can of course come back to Zwiesel by bus or by train for free.

Hiking to Schwellhäusl

FamilienwanderungYou can start your family trip in the Waldhaus of Zwiesel. You will go through a quaint forest and experience the ranger path “Hans-Watzlik-Hain”.

After half an hour, you reach your goal and have a well-deserved and tasty snack in Schwellhäusl.

Then you are ready to find your way back to Zwiesel alongside a small watercourse.

Hiking around Zwieselberg

WandernYou can start this trail directly from our guesthouse.

On a narrow path, you will reach Zwieselberg, where you will certainly enjoy the outlook on the valley.

Then you go on until you see the river “Schwarzer Regen”.

Go backwards alongside the wild and romantic river. The panorama view on Zwiesel is also worth the detour.

Recommended trails for experimented hikers

Grosse Schachten hiking trail

SchachtentourStarting point at the hiking parking lots in Buchenau.
The first 3km are already somehow hard, as you have an ascent of 400m but then you will be rewarded by the beauty of the “Schachten” of Lindberg.

After a well-earned break, continue your trip alongside the Latchensee.

Enjoy the wonderful view and the quietness and be tempted by a challenging climb.

But then you have the other half of the trip to accomplish!

Reach the Lost Schachten and go for the last climb to the water reservoir of Frauenau


A few more kilometres and you are back in Buchenau, the hiking parking lots.








AlmschachtenSchachtenSonnenuntergang am Schachten

The Big Falkenstein

Am FalkensteingipfelYou can go to your starting point with the Falkensteinbus for free and stop, for instance in Scheuereck.

The trail leads to the impressive Höllbachgspreng with steep rock formations and waterfalls at its summit. There you will have a wonderfull point of view on the highs of Bavaria and Šumava.

If you are lucky, you will even be able to see the Alps in the distance.

Have a break at the safe house of Falkenstein and benefit from its beautiful sunny terrace.

The Falkenstein mount is 1315m high and on its slopes you can find 5 nature reserves: Hans-Watzlik-Hain, Langschachten, Mittelsteighütte, Höllbachgspreng and Ruckowitzchachten. Although tiring, this trip gives you a genuine feeling of happiness.


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